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Insulation is a crucial component of every commercial and residential building. Quality insulation reduces energy costs, offers soundproofing, creates a firestop, and makes the building more comfortable throughout the year. If your energy bills are higher than they should be or you have draft rooms, cold floors and walls, or excess window condensation, you may need more or better insulating material. 

At Air Flows Chicago, we install spray foam insulation and other insulating materials for new construction homes, existing homes, and businesses with a focus on value, reliability, and customer service. We are a local company that’s proudly family owned. Free quote is available by calling our knowledgeable staff today at 866 494-6778.


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Types of Insulation in Chicago

Air Flows Chicago installs all types of insulating materials and thermal barriers for commercial facilities and homes. We even install specialty products like firestops, garage doors, and fireplaces. An experienced contractor can help you choose the right insulator for your application: 

  • Fiberglass batts provide heat flow resistance and absorb sound
  • Rockwool batts offer fire resistance and great sound absorption
  • Blown-in fiberglass or cellulose is blown in place with special pneumatic equipment to fill hard-to-reach areas, fill wall cavities, or for use over existing insulation
  • Spray foam insulation is excellent for soundproofing and creates a tight custom seal in cavities
  • Rigid foam panels or foam board for unfinished walls, ceilings, and floors
  • Radiant barrier which reflects heat away from the home

Air Flows Chicago is a locally owned family business that’s BBB A+ rated. Call 866 494-6778 today to get a hassle-free & professional service. 


Attic and Roof Insulation

Insulating your home’s attic and roof helps your home retain energy to improve comfort in your home and reduce your energy costs. Roof insulation can also reduce the risk of damage from ice dams and moisture build-up as heat tries to escape the roof but heats up snow. We install several types of attic and roof insulation: 

  • Loose-fill which can be used as a retro-fit option and installed in wall cavities
  • Batt and roll which is fabricated into a blanket roll to cover the attic floor and studs between roof rafters
  • Spray foam insulation which is applied as a liquid and expands to fill cavities and gaps
  • Radiant barrier which is used with other insulating materials under the interior of the roof to reflect heat from the sun


Floor & Wall Insulation

Floors and walls aren’t accessible after your home is built, unlike your basement and attic. This means insulating these spaces isn’t as easy. Keep in mind walls and floors that are poorly insulated can have a major impact on your energy costs and comfort. If you want to improve your comfort in your home and lower your energy expenses, it may be worthwhile to improve the wall and floor insulation. 

Spray foam is often used for new construction because it can be sprayed into the open wall cavities. For existing homes, an alternative is injection foam which can be pumped into wall cavities where it hardens into a stable foam. 

Insulating floors doesn’t just improve energy efficiency; it can also eliminate chilly floors in your home, even in the winter. The right strategy will depend on where your floor is installed. For example, floors above a basement can be insulated by applying rigid foam or spray foam to the rim joist. Insulating a crawl space can insulate floors above. 


Duct Insulation

You probably know that it’s important to insulate your home but what about your ductwork? If you have ductwork in the crawlspace, attic, or basement that isn’t insulated, you are wasting energy and a substantial amount of money. Sometimes issues that seem related to HVAC performance are really caused by poorly insulated ducts. 

Ducts that are in unconditioned space should always be sealed and insulated. New construction should also be built with ducts in conditioned space to avoid energy loss. When ducts are located in unconditioned areas, the ductwork will be the same temperature as the space. Your HVAC system must heat or cool the ductwork to the proper temperature to heat or cool living space. During the winter, you are paying to heat ducts and space that is cooled before it reaches your vents. This forces the furnace to work even harder. 


Basement & Crawlspace Insulation

Many homes in Chicago have fiberglass batts installed between the ceiling joists in the basement. Unfortunately, this will not make the basement more comfortable or increase its energy efficiency. Fiberglass bats also won’t stop air leaks that can cause moisture problems. 

A basement that is properly insulated can save you a substantial amount of money on heating costs while giving you a drier and more comfortable living space. Adding insulation to the exterior walls of a basement offers many advantages for new and existing homes: 

  • Protection against moisture
  • Reduces heat loss through the home’s foundation
  • Reduces the risk of condensation in the basement
  • Stops insect infestation

We can also insulate the basement walls and floor with rigid foam. This can stop mildew in the basement, cold air drafts, and high humidity while lowering heating and cooling costs. 

Crawlspaces can also be insulated. The best practice usually involves insulating and sealing the foundation walls, not the floor between the home and the crawlspace. This strategy keeps ductwork and piping within the home’s conditioned area but it does require a good air barrier to keep the crawlspace airtight. 


Noise Reduction

Batt, blown-in, and spray foam insulation can all offer excellent soundproofing properties to reduce sound transfer in walls and ceilings in your home. Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling, a thermal barrier is a cost-effective way to improve soundproofing performance. Insulating works to reduce sound transmission by absorbing vibrations. Not all types of thermal barriers reduce noise equally, however. Foam, fiberglass, and cellulose materials work best for reducing noises from outside and between rooms and levels of your home. 


Why Choose Air Flows Chicago?

We understand you have many options when it comes to insulation experts in Chicago. That’s why we strive to be the best. Whether you are a builder, homeowner, or business owner, you can count on the experience and expertise of every contractor we employ. We are dedicated to always providing the best in commercial and residential soundproofing and insulating services. Here’s what you can expect. 


Our Service Area Chicago, IL Metro :

  • Downers Grove
  • Wheaton
  • Carol stream
  • Schaumburg
  • Naperville
  • Aurora
  • Plainfield
  • Highland park
  • Northbrook
  • Wilmette
  • Grove
  • Arlington Heights
  • Des Plaines
  • Glenview
  • Winnetka
  • Glencoe
  • Deerfield
  • Wheeling
  • Palatine




Licensed, Experienced Experts

Our local contractors have decades of combined experience with the expertise necessary to help you choose the right material when insulating your facility or home. You can trust that every contractor with Air Flows Chicago is licensed, bonded, insured, and experienced for your protection. 


Competitive Pricing

Worried about the cost of new insulation for your home? Don’t be! With Air Flows Chicago, you can rest easy knowing you are getting the best value with competitive pricing on the best materials. 


Free Estimates

We are happy to provide a free inspection and estimate for all work we do. Whether you are a commercial or residential customer interested in insulating an existing home or building or new construction, we can help. We are local and family owned. Free quote available by calling our knowledgeable staff at 866 494-6778. 

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