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Many people are concerned about the quality of the air in their homes, especially the accumulation of dust, debris, molds and other allergens or irritants in the duct and vent system. When you need to get a solution to this problem, it is crucial to give professionals or a company that provides high-quality cleaning service with a price policy that is entirely reliable.

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Our services are satisfactory, and with our wealth of experience, professional technicians, and modern cleaning equipment, you can always trust us to deliver the results you need. Our main aim is to offer high-quality services while at the same time keeping the environment around you clean.

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At Chicago Air Flows, we aim to offer our customers the best available cleaning service, for virtually every aspect of the home, with a backup service that includes a money back customer satisfaction guarantee. It doesn’t matter the place or time. Whenever you want to conduct your air duct and dry vent cleaning routine, which usually is between two and three years for a healthy home, you can count on us. There is no point in letting the contaminants in your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system to jeopardize your health. Give us a call, and we will carry out this vital and mandatory maintenance for you.

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We understand your need to run a clean ductwork system. It cuts on the utility bills if they run efficiently than a dirty one. For this reason, our team undergoes intensive training imposed by the industry standards, and when they come to your premises, they will check for dust, animal dander, molds, pollen among other particles pulled into your system.

Over time, these contaminants become predisposing factors for fungi, bacteria, spores, mildew, and possibly vermin. This impacts on the health of the environment around you. You can trust us to restore the health of your premises by getting rid of these indoor pollutants you are vulnerable to.


Being the preferred cleaning company in Chicago, we use a thorough and proven procedure to make sure all your air ducts are entirely cleaned out. Our technicians will arrive after you contact us and immediately get to work.

They will cut holes for access to the supply and outlet lines of your HVAC system, large enough to accommodate the vacuum hoses to be used. A small camera will be placed through the holes to examine the state of your ductwork. If necessary, other holes will be made to enhance the removal of debris and dirt further.

After the hoses are inserted, the system is sealed, and the vacuum is turned on to suck all the pollutants out. With pressurized air, all the debris, dirt, pet dander is all pushed through the line and sucked by the vacuum. With whips attached to the main line, the last of the remaining substances are pushed out to the central vacuum without any of the irritants being released into your home. The dirt is collected at a containment unit. This way you are guaranteed that everything is in order and that you are satisfied with our work.

The process ends by sanitizing the ducts and vents to make the air fresh and breathable. You will no longer have to deal with any dust or mess in your home.

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