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Air Duct and Indoor Air Pollutants

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Air pollution is increasingly becoming a concern across the board. Most people associate air pollution with the outdoor environment, forgetting that they deal with it from right where they are sitting. Air quality around homes and offices is the leading cause of respiratory complications among many adult Americans. Indoor air pollutants are the most dangerous because they circulate in the same place for quite a while. Some prevalent respiratory complications that you may experience due to long-term exposure to these pollutants include sinus infections, breathing difficulties, and allergies.

Besides creating awareness, calling us on (866) 494-6778 is a sure way of enhancing the efficiency of your ventilating systems. We offer our services in-home and commercial ranges. You only need to dial the magic number to see what plans we have about your system. Here is a quick look into air ducts and indoor pollutants.

Where Do these Pollutants Emanate from?

Unlike the outdoor environment, contaminants can accumulate to dangerous levels in your indoor living space due to limited air circulation. Besides secondhand smoke, you can hardly control indoor airborne pollutants inside the house because they often emanate from items you willingly bring. Prevalent sources of indoor air contaminants include air fresheners, candles, dryer sheets, cleaning products, and carpets. Pollutants from these sources are usually tiny; some include microparticles that you can hardly notice even to exist.

How Does a Dirty Ventilation System Pose Health Risks?

A dirty ventilation system means you could end up with dangerous airborne contaminants such as pet dander, pollen grains, dust, and even tiny firewood particles circulating in your air. These pollutants trigger respiratory complications such as asthma, allergic reactions, and sinus infection. When these contaminants accumulate to dangerous levels, you could be running the risk of ending up in a hospital bed for days. The situation can worsen if you have young children and older adults managing underlying health conditions breathing the same air.

How to Eliminate Indoor Air Pollutants

You can get rid of indoor airborne pollutants in your business or residential home in three easy steps. Contact us through to schedule an appointment or for a free consultation. The next step is examining your air duct for a free quote; then, we send technicians to clean your system on the same day. We can also schedule maintenance at intervals of six months or a year, depending on your needs and preferences. The process is as easy as such.

The Benefits of Using a Company to Clean Your System

You can clean your system, but that comes at a high cost and sacrifice. Besides wasting time and resources, you could also risk causing more damage to the system. Hiring a trusted expert is the best solution as the services go at a fraction of the cost of you doing it yourself. Most importantly, experienced technicians use tools that are safe for your pets and loved ones.

Solving the Problem of Dirty Air in Your Business Premises

We carry out the tedious process of ensuring that your employees’ air and customers breathe pure as you focus on enhancing customer experience. Once you contact us and delegate the job, you can comfortably scratch dirty air off your must-to-do list for the rest of the year. We come with decades of combined experience to ensure a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Most importantly, our services are relatively affordable regardless of the scope of work. Call us at (866) 494-6778 for emergency response or visit our website to get a free quote.

Air Duct and Indoor Air Pollutants
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Air Duct and Indoor Air Pollutants
We offer our services in-home and commercial ranges. You only need to dial the magic number to see what plans we have about your system.